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Volunteer at the WYBU studio

Join our production team and learn all about the technical side of televison.

     Help with Serving the city

Serving The City is always in need of volunteers to help with cooking and other duties.


        Pray for our station                We are always in need of prayer in

spreading the word and love of Christ

Virgil has been at WYBU TV for 10 years. He manages over all departments at WYBU TV. He helps to keep everything running smoothly here at the station. Virgil attends Summerville Baptist Church in Phenix City.

Your Local Christian Television Station

We have been called to spread the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We are a local television station bringing family values to the forefront, spanning all socio-economic boundaries providing every family member with a wholesome Christ centered alternative to standard television fare.

Who We Are

Norman has been with WYBU many years and is an invaluable member of our team. Whether it be spiritual guidance or even certain hands on tasks, Norman is always there to assist us. Norman attends Power Of Praise Church in Phenix City.

Alex has worked for CTN over 10 years. He oversees all production related assignments at WYBU TV. He handles editing and other duties as well. Alex attends Mychurch in Columbus, GA.

Emma is new at WYBU, she handles all our video traffic at WYBU TV.

Our Mission


To spread the word of God

To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to all, connect you to our local community, to keep you fit in spirit, soul, and body. We are here for you anytime, day or night!

Virgil Thompson - General Manager

Norman Garrison - Chaplain

Alex Thompson - Production Manager


WYBU Staff

Emma McPeters - Traffic